Re: Proc directory on CompactFlash

Murray R. Van Luyn schrieb:

I want to build a small RTLinux system on a CompactFlash, but don't know
what to do with the /proc directory.

I think I'm supposed to put the /tmp directory on a TMPFS in ram to avoid
wearing out the flash device too quickly.

I've heard of the contents of /proc being referred to as 'virtual'. Does
that mean they are not actually stored on disk and can then be forgotten
about? Otherwise, if the contents of /proc really are files stored on a
disk, then do I do the same thing with the /proc directory as the /tmp

Only the /proc directory itself should exist (empty) on your root drive.
Then say "mount -t proc proc /proc" somewhere in your startup or put the
equivalent line in /etc/fstab if you have that.

The *contents* of /proc are created directly by the kernel whenever it's
accessed - reading a file in proc really connects your user space
program directly to some kernel function that produces its content
on-the-fly. Same for writing - your process gets connected to some
kernel function that takes the data from your application and does
something with it.

So except for the top /proc directory itself, nothing in /proc exists on
any disk.

Linards Ticmanis