Re: to show that RTLinux is faster than Linux

On Wed, 23 Aug 2006 02:19:39 -0700, amitbhat555 wrote:

hi i'm doing a project which requires to prove practically that RTLinux
is faster than Linux ..
can any one help me in this matter.

Real time is about latency, speed is generally a measure of throughput. A
server running a Realtime O/S will typically have lower throughput than a
standard kernel, its latency (time to respond) will be faster, but it will
not benefit as much from queues and processing large chunks without
context switches.

The majority of workloads requiring realtime have only a small realtime
element, so its normal to run one process as realtime and the rest of the
system scheduled around it - kind of best of both worlds.

You need to analyse the workload, separate hard-realtime, realtime
and standard parts of the workload. If you have hard-realtime requirements
then you cant "prove" anything - as only a realtime O/S can achieve these.

You need to work much harder on understanding what you are trying to prove
before you device a method to prove it .........