Re: net-snmp for embedded linux

Hi Marco wrote:
Jim Jackson <jj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [2006-11-14 23:19]:
Marco <marco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I was searching for an implementation of net-snmp for a Coldfire uClinux platform.
Any link?
Also, is there any implementation of net-snmp for a generic embedded
linux platform? AFAIK I only found net-snmp on axis website for Etrax
you got the source luke, go port it :-)

I am not very skilled in porting code... and there are plenty of fork()
in net-snmp :-( That's why I was wondering for a uclinux net-snmp
I've just taken a quick check in our product configuration files,
and it looks like we used to run net-snmp on a coldfire product at some time in the past.
Take a look at the user/net-snmp/ code in the snapgear linux distro:


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