Re: RAM test question

"Zhenhuan Du" <duzhenhuan@xxxxxxx> wrote in message
I want to test RAM Address bus ,Data bus and Every Cell completely.
Can you give me some hint? Thanks!

Vivekanandan M wrote:
> Hello ,

You can also write the RAM test routine in C!! It all depends on
what kind of RAM test you want to perform before starting your

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Zhenhuan Du wrote:

I have a board with NET+50 (with ARM7TDMI core) , NOR FLASH and SDRAM.
And one question:
Codes are stored in FLASH , if I want to test RAM and print out some
message or get some command through RS-232 serial port before codes are
loaded into RAM and begin to run.Then RAM test routine must be written
in assembly language,right? Or can i write the test routine in C since
assembly programming is very time consuming?

If you can lock the 8K cache then you can use it for stack and local
variables for a C app running directly from Flash. It is probably useful to
find out how to do that anyway because you don't want the cache getting in
the way of RAM testing.