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Peter Dickerson wrote:
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I want to test RAM Address bus ,Data bus and Every Cell completely.
Can you give me some hint? Thanks!

Vivekanandan M wrote:
> Hello ,
You can also write the RAM test routine in C!! It all depends on
what kind of RAM test you want to perform before starting your

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Vivekanandan M

Zhenhuan Du wrote:

I have a board with NET+50 (with ARM7TDMI core) , NOR FLASH and
And one question:
Codes are stored in FLASH , if I want to test RAM and print out some
message or get some command through RS-232 serial port before codes
loaded into RAM and begin to run.Then RAM test routine must be written
in assembly language,right? Or can i write the test routine in C since
assembly programming is very time consuming?

If you can lock the 8K cache then you can use it for stack and local
variables for a C app running directly from Flash. It is probably useful
to find out how to do that anyway because you don't want the cache
getting in the way of RAM testing.

thanks for your advice ,Peter! It's really a good idea! Further question:
What about an CPU without cache or integrated ram ?
I think it's better finding a general solution.

There is a point at which you have to trust something. Does your RAM and
Flash share address or data busses? If so then a fault at the RAM might
interfere with the Flash operation. How to you program the Flash in the
first place - before soldering to the board or via JTAG. Its not uncommon to
need some RAM to work for JTAG programming to work (e.g. download
programming code into RAM). If you have RAM in your CPU and you trust the
chip then I'd accept that as a gift. Writing code to test RAM *and* report
failures without using any RAM for workspace is likely to be much harder
work. To do this you will have to run from Flash and only use registers for
work space. You won't be able to do it in C because you can't have a stack.
With an ARM the subroutine call can be used without RAM but you'll need to
avoid nested calls.