Re: need low cost linux box

"Helix" <hex@xxxxx> wrote in message
sven ha scritto:

I'm looking for a low cost box with the following specs:

- At least Pentium 200MHz or compliant processor
- 128Mb RAM or more
- 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interface
- TV out (S-VIDEO, SCART, ... at least PAL, if possible NTSC as well)
- IR port (for remote control - the remote may be an option)
- Audio out
- Price < 100 EURO preferably

IMHO you have to spend at least 250 euro
Tell me if you find such system for that price ;-)

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You maybe able to get a low end PDA for this. An IPAQ/Familiar linux
distribution will probably work. It would have everything except the TV Out
which you'd probably need a CF card to do.

OR you're basically describing a TIVO box. I know the TIVO Ones had 50 MHz
PPC and are very hackable. Not sure about th enewer Tivos.