Re: Are they obligued to give me the source code?

Ignacio G.T. wrote:
Grant Edwards escribió:
On 2007-10-09, Ignacio G.T. <igtorque.remove@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

In any case, I thought that, as the distro they sell us is
based on GPL software, they should at least provide us with
the source and configuration files needed to rebuild the
kernel. Are they obliged to do that, or am I wrong?

Yes they are required to. All of the embedded Linux vendors
I've ever seen do so. Have they told you they won't? If so,
who are they?

Thanks, Grant. A commercial guy from the distributor told me so, but he was going to check it with the distro makers. I'll give them a chance before publishing their name.

They have to give you the source code if you ask for it, but they are allowed to charge a small handling fee - they are not obliged to make the source code a free-for-all download link. But they *are* obliged to tell you of your rights under the GPL.