Re: Beginning Embedded Development

The specs we agreed it should have as min:
200Mhz CPU
32Mb RAM (we would prefer 64 but that is price dependant)
256Mb On board flash (we could get away with smaller but I'd rather
start big and scale down, although a board that uses SD cards instead
is also acceptable).
2x USB host ports (minimum, 4 at most)
1x Ethernet port (Again *if* we could find one with 2 that would be
better as one of the projects we had in mind was a network based one)
case (if possible to protect the board (from my tea addiction :) ) )

Take a look at, especially and

If you want to create something similar to the NSLU2, you could begin with
one. To add other USB ports, you could simply take a (relatively cheap) USB
hub, strip any casing and include it into the box; something like in: This is
for the EEE PC, though.

I don't think you will get your do-it-yourself-solution any cheaper than
this. Because - what others said - you won't get a board with the components
you'd like for anything like 100$ ; and even with a budget of 200$ you'd be
severely limited.

You can, of course, do with the NSLU2 whatever you would do with your custom
board. And, as it's ARM architecture, it's a real embedded device. Not to
forget - it is supported by a known Linux distribution, which means, that,
if you don't have the time or the will to develop any further, you can still
get a working and usable system.

Best regards,