Re: build universal device driver for Ethernet controllers

You should first be familiar with the linux source tree and how ethernet
drivers are implementer. AFAIK most drivers for general devices are already
implemented in the way you suggest, more or less. If this is your first
attempt for open source contribution, I suggest you start from something
less complicated.

pra wrote:

I am planning to build universal device driver for Ethernet
controller . It can work for any type of hardware

I want to make general framework for the driver and it is
configurable or we make a table depend on futures exist in particular
vender chip in particular version
It may be replace all drivers in the Linux kernel tree and only one
Ethernet driver it is easy to understand and it is easy to add new
future or new chip into this driver and its more efficient
Because we are going to implement driver which works 10Mbps to 10Gbps
so this architecture gives us very efficient and very less effort
because everyone working on different driver instead of one driver

I think you guys understand what I have planned right ? then please
share your experience with me

Is it right thing to do ?
Is it acceptable in Linux tree ?
If you have any plan where to start and how to start?
And other then here may I need ask any help from other place
Like Linux kernel mailing list linux-net,netdev because I am new
to this mailing list I am not worked before as open source contributor

Prabhakar pujeri