Re: Getting Started Embedded Linux

Try building embedded linux systems (
Programming for embedded linux is just the same as programming for any
Try Advanced Linux Programming for linux specific system programming
( and QT/GTK if you will be
doing GUI.

Alex Popov


Thanks for the response. Most books I searched describe Linux Kernel
in detail and I think that is more inclined to device drivers. I'm
wondering how C/C++ programming is used to develop applications that
run on embedded linux processors such as ARM9. Would you recommend a
book that explains how C/C++ programs run on embedded linux platform?
All I'm interested in is ...develop skills so that if there is a job
opening for embedded C/C++ developer for embedded linux, I can be
prepared to explain them that I have worked on other platforms and
have good understanding of how applications are developed for embedded
linux platform.

I will appreciate your help.