Ultra rugged HDD Armor A10

Armor A10 Ultra Rugged Portable Hard Disk Drive: Built Like No Other

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As traditional HDDs are made up of delicate moving parts and are prone
to damage from accidental shock and vibration. Considering this,
Silicon Power’s Armor A10 is built specifically to withstand shock and
vibration. Tested in compliance with stringent US military MIL-
STD-810F (transit drop test), tests include (1) free fall drop
directly onto concrete or hard surfaces; (2) specific height free fall
test (122cm); (3) product’s 8 corners, 12 sides and 6 surfaces all
must pass free fall tests. Silicon Power’s Armor A10 has passed all
the tests mentioned above and offers users a greater peace of mind
when it comes to data security.

In addition to its shock and vibration proof characteristics, Armor
A10’s external casing is covered in shock absorbent silica gel to
increase friction, prevent falling from slippery surfaces. Two sides
have saw wave shape grips for users to better hold the drive.

Additional pack:Sotfware includes OTB (Backup& Security application),
and Norton Anti Virus (trial version)

Dimensions:136.0 x 82.5 x 19.8mm
Standard Compliance:USB 2.0 / 1.1
Data Transfer Rates:Max. 480 Mbps (USB 2.0 Mode)
Max. 12 Mbps (USB 1.1 Mode)
Connector Type:USB Series A
Supported Operating Systems:Windows Vista, Win XP, Windows 2000, Mac
OS 9.0.4 or later
Two-year warranty