can u belive ultra fast transferspeed of Armor A80 portable hard drive?!?

2.5” Portable Hard Drive Armor A80, ultra fast transfer speeds
شرکت داده پرداز رایانه متین(متین مموری) نماینده انحصاری سیلیکون پاور
در ایران

for more detail informations pls check the below link:

The Armor A80 uses the royal blue color on its base frame that is
commonly found in high performance sports cars; as for A80’s
performance, its outstanding read/write speed is coupled with the
latest USB 3.0 interface and is backwards compatible with USB2.0. The
USB 3.0 interface features a 5 Gbps/sec bandwidth which is 10x the
bandwidth of a USB 2.0 interface. It saves users precious time backing
up to and from the hard drive when transferring mass data files. Come
and experience speed like a high performance sports car!

In addition to its excellent read/write performances, Armor A80
continues the Armor series rugged functionality feature. Armor A80 is
in compliance with US military grade transit drop test (MIL-STD-810F
516.5 procedure IV) and it also passed IEC529 IPX7 (waterproof test).
The Silicon Power Armor A80 can be placed under water up to a meter
deep and for up to 30 minutes without damage. Under normal operations,
it is also dust-proof and pressure resistant. Its’ hot plug and play
functionality is supported by a convenient cable storage design,
bringing its practicality up another level!