Backup to USB drive kills system

From: Rob Freeman (
Date: 08/04/03

Date: 4 Aug 2003 08:29:26 -0700

I added an external USB hard drive to my redhat 9 box in the hopes of
backing up data to it. I have used a tar command and the rsync to test it.
What happens after a while is the entire redhat OS comes to a halt while
the USB drive catches up with the data being sent to it. Nothing functions
during this time frame, aka sendmail, KDE, etc. Once the USB drive catches
up, then it will work for a few seconds until the drive needs to catch up
again. It is a USB2 connection. Is there a way to make this process take
less resources on the copy, or slow down the copy. I tried the bwlimit=KBPS
to try to limit the traffic, but that did not work.

Rob Freeman