Advice on Radeon 7000?

From: Rob D. (
Date: 08/30/03

Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 15:12:51 GMT

Currently I'm using an ATI 3D Charger card (8MB). Using mplayer on a
1.1GHz Athlon, full screen divx movies can't be played without the
framedrop option, and although it's not severe framedropping, I've had
at least one other person laugh at how jittery it is.

So, that sets up my question. I'm looking for an AGP 4x (motherboard
limitation) card that'll allow me to watch movies fullscreen without
dropping frames. Will the Radeon 7000 have enough muscle to allow this?
What other cards might fit my criteria?

I've also got a general driver question. In another post above it's
mentioned that the X drivers for nvidia cards only support 2D
acceleration, and that I'd have to use nvidia's binary drivers to get 3D
acceleration (I'd like to avoid binary only drivers). Do X's drivers for
other chip makers support 3D acceleration?