Re: Does Microsoft lie about the Linux features?

From: Penguin Dreams (
Date: 09/14/03

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 2003 09:36:33 +0000

Andy Zhang wrote:
> "totojepast" <> wrote in message
>>"Linux uses clear text for authentication, and does not allow the
>>configurations of individual permissions to the file level. Native support
>>of standard encryption technologies is handled as an add-on."
> MS's ignorance never ceases to amaze me. Whoever wrote this probably hasn't
> a clue what Linux is, much less ever tried using it. On top of that, MS
> started using Linux for its internet services. Such hyptocrites.

MS did have to run BSD for a while to handle hotmail. Their
systems were unable to keep up with the traffic. From
what I have read they are now can run their own systems.

You have to cut MS some slack. They are a company that specialized
in a single tasking, non-network aware, low-end desktop os and
they have made made the leap into larger systems. They have pulled
many boners along the way, but they are still learning about
servers and the larger world of computers. Year after year their
system is becoming more unix-like and maybe they will come up with
some original concepts in the future. Remeber that they are being lead
by a college dropout who never made it past his second year.
They have a tough row to hoe.

MS did bring software to home computers at a reasonable price
at a time when others were charging too much. If IBM had
been in charge of the home market the os would have been
much more advanced, but I doubt we could have afforded
to run it at home. MS invebted agressive pricing and
user friendliness, but not much else. (NTFS is a
ripoff of HPFS, not a MS invention).


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