Re: SATA question

From: John-Paul Stewart (
Date: 12/13/03

Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 11:14:38 -0500

"Jim Shaffer, Jr." wrote:
> I keep seeing people say that kernel 2.4.22 supports SATA. I have it installed
> (Mandrake version -21) on an ASUS P4P800 and there's nothing in the boot
> messages to indicate that it's detected the SATA ports. I don't have any SATA

Does your kernel include the driver for your SATA chipset? If you
didn't build it in to the kernel, of course the SATA ports won't be
recognized. (If the driver was built as a module, loading it with
'modprobe' should get your SATA ports recognized.)

> drives installed yet -- do I need to have a drive connected for the port to be
> recognized?

Not likely. The normal IDE chipset in my server is recognized even
though no devices are attached to it. The driver should recognize the
chipset without a device. I'll say it again: the proper driver for
your SATA chipset must be available (built in or the module loaded) for
that to happen.

> Also, I have four IDE devices installed -- can anyone verify that
> the SATA ports are usable along with all four IDE devices in Linux?

I don't see why not. With add-in IDE cards you can have a lot more than
four IDE devices. SATA devices should be no different.