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Date: 12/14/03

Date: Sun, 14 Dec 2003 02:56:49 -0300

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Jim Shaffer, Jr. wrote:

In order to use SATA on that motherboard you need to:
1) get && apply the "libata" patch for 2.4.23 sources
2) enable "ICH5 support" in the kernel config (under scsi->scsi low level
3) build custom install media and boot from that

I did that with debian and it works plain great, using software raid 0 on 2
Maxtor 120Gig SATA drives and getting 120 Mb/s on hdparm :)
You could also install using SATA in "compatible mode" (bios setup), build a
new kernel and then reboot, change bios settings and boot from the new
kernel. Youll probably need to tell the kernel what the root partition is,
since ICH5 sata is treated as a SCSI device (/dev/sdX), but that should be

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