Re: best AMD motherboard for Linux

From: Thomas Zajic (
Date: 01/02/04

Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 11:55:27 +0100

* Eugene <spamacct11@yahoo>:

> I am planning to buy AMD Athlon system and I am wondering which
> motherboard/chipset works better with Linux -- NVidia nForce 2 or VIA
> KT600. I have read mixed reviews of both. Specifically, I am looking at
> [...]
> I know nForce requires you to download and compile additional drivers. This
> is somewhat annoying but since I am also planning to get an nVidia graphics
> card (it seems to be better supported than ATI), it doesn't make much of a
> difference -- I'll end up having to install drivers for GeForce separately
> anyway.

You only need additional drivers if you want to use the onboard sound
and/or network card. I bought an Epox-8RDA3i recently (my old KT266A
based Epox-8KHA+ went south), and I've head zero problems with it so
far. Just for the record, the onboard NIC works fine with nVidia's
nForce drivers, and the onboard sound (C-Media CMI9739) works fine
with all of nVidia's nForce drivers, C-Media's own cmaudio driver,
the standard kernel i810_audio driver, and the ALSA intel-8x0 driver.


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