Re: CDRECORD errors with "fancy formatted" text files

From: stu7 (
Date: 01/08/04

Date: 7 Jan 2004 16:18:20 -0800

Dances With Crows <> wrote in message

> Why did all the lines you wrote have "***" prepended?
*** Because I'm a three star general ? I dunno... why do you call
*** yourself a crow ? :)

> Yes. You typically do something like this:
*** I know about typically_ I've used cdrecord for several years.
> So what happens when you try to mount the disc? What do "cdrecord
> -msinfo" and "cdrecord -toc" say about the disc?
*** the disk I get, after a session with errors, cant be mounted
*** on my system... it just tries to spin up several times, and then
*** exits with more error messages.
*** I later found out, it actually IS possible to burn these files
*** onto the same CD, but only in separate image files. Doing that,
*** I get two tracks, both shown with the -toc command, but only
*** the first track is ever visible when the CD is mounted. I tried
*** both image files as the first track, and then as the second track...
*** in either case, only the first can be accessed directly.
*** so... as I commented... the files are always getting burned...
*** but in one case, the CD isnt useable, and in the other case,
*** one directory of files cant be read :)
> error messages reported by cdrecord
*** the errors dont say anything about this specific problem.
*** As I said, I get: seek error /and/ no media found error...
*** several other common errors, but for no ordinary reason.
> > nope... its just a problem with these FILES...
> Huh? cdrecord burns ISO filesystem images, not individual files.
*** right again... but guess what... my version of CDRECORD chokes
*** on this kind of file... it doesnt matter if they are read from a
*** directory, as sym links, or --> are in an image file <--
*** if these files are mixed in, cdrecord barfs.. thats it,
*** pure and simple. I know this is not ordinary.
*** Its a conflict in cdrecord... I have the CDs to prove it...
*** I can burn this little 8MB directory of files all day long...
*** but when I mix it with other file types the burn ALWAYS fails.
*** Thank you for your help. You know a lot about cdrecord...
*** but obviously you have never seen this particular problem
*** before... I certainly hadn't.
*** I need to tell the CDRECORD authors about it... they may
*** have fixed it in some later version.