Re: 137GB limit in kernel?

From: Juergen Pfann (
Date: 02/12/04

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 09:12:26 +0100

Andreas Janssen wrote:
> Jayson Garrell (<>) wrote:
> > The other posts below offer some very good insight to the problem.
> > I'll bet that the drive is being connected to a ultra100 (or lower)
> > ide controller. I relize that you flashed the BIOS with support but I
> > have never seen or heard of a drive larger then 137G on a ultra100, it
> > will work on a ultra133 controller.
> The "ultra100" or "ultra133" says something about (theoretical) speed,
> not about the size of the hard disks. My motherboard has an controller
> that is not capable of UDMA/133, but you can use hard disks bigger than
> 128 GB with it's full size, if the BIOS version is new enough to
> support 48-bit LBA.

I second that. The drive transfer rates in the ATA specs, and the
LBA48 "translation" scheme, are two different items not directly

Otherwise, it wouldn't make too much sense for e.g. WD to sell
an U-ATA 100 PCI HA (Promise U-100 TX2) w/some of their retail
hard drive packages.
[I consider this not too bad an idea for problem-free HDD upgrade
in older systems w/ older (and slower) onboard ATA HAs.]

Works fine for me in a box, where the whole system wouldn't even
boot, when the large disk in question (WD 180 GB) is attached to one
of the onboard HA(s).