Problem BIOS (Gigbyte Motherboard...)

From: Farlie A (
Date: 03/01/04

Date: 1 Mar 2004 06:07:19 -0800

Hi all,

I know this is a Linux group but I am having a little issue with a
software companies product and a BIOS. (Owing to the fact that Linux
are often also conveniently 'Lone-Gunmen' I figured you might be able
to help
me clean up the machin so I can use a 'legal' GNU/Linux varaint on

Recently, I decided to patch my copy of said software product to what
to said software companies update was the current patch level for said
companies internet browser and mail client..

Sadly after this is trouble seemed to start :-(

So far I have rebuilt 6 times, the fault appearing to be sutble in
all the fault manafesits as is the inability of the mail client to
apply message rules or a killfile.

Having done clean installs, I finally figured that it must be
rather low-level that was cauing the problems. So I decided to use
the in-built Q-Flash utillity that is present on Gigabyte based
motherboards to
save a copy of the BIOS to disk so that I could ask an organisation
Symantec or CA's Virus lab to take a look.

On trying to get the Q-Flash utillity the machine locked up (in the
it is assumed.)
Do i have a corrupt BIOS or is there a more serious exploit needing
further investigation?

Other than the inability to use message rules in the mail client
(NB I 'm planning on moving to Mozilla or Opera for other reasons
other aspects of the software appear to be functioning as normal for
operating system concerned ;-)

However, prior to installing the most recent updates for the mail
I had no problems with message rules in the said mail client.

Am I paranoid to consider that somehow an upgrade to 'software' was
to damage 'firmware' however accidentally?