Re: look for a driver for Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5702 on debian

From: Dances With Crows (
Date: 03/02/04

Date: 2 Mar 2004 16:26:54 GMT

On 2 Mar 2004 08:13:41 -0800, merle staggered into the Black Sun and
> Do you know where to find a driver for BCM5702. Broadcom corp. give
> one but there is only a rpm binary and the source based tgz didn't
> compile well.
> I run a knoppix on the server on which i want to install the debian
> 3.0r2 and the knoppix work well on network with a module named tg3
> (broadcom tigon 3) but where can i found it ?

A tg3 module that supports the Broadcom 5702 is in the standard kernel
source tarball for 2.4.24 available from If you're using an
older kernel, it's time to upgrade, though support for this card may be
in kernels older than 2.4.24. The module is in Network Devices->
Ethernet (1000 Mbit)->Broadcom Tigon3 support if you do a "make
menuconfig". HTH,

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