Re: sound cannot record from microphone (Fedora 1 AC97)

From: Bats (
Date: 05/09/04

Date: Sun, 09 May 2004 12:18:48 +0200

> Can you control the playing volume by using the mixer's volume
> controls - on the source? If so, what source?
> No line in?
No - only microphone (There are 3 jacks on the back of the PC, 2 out and
1 in that's the mike)
The volume of the signal (the radio playing via the mike-in) does go up
and down according to settings in Kmix and aumix. Mute mutes just fine.

> What kernel (if it were 2.6.x you would probably be using its default
> ALSA drivers, though - and many/most distributions use them ... except
> RedHat).
> Try the alsa drivers
I am on Fedora 1 - that's 2.4
I have just downloaded the ALSA sources and will attempt an install - this
is pretty hairy for me as I worry about breaking things (newbie )
>>> 3. No amount of aumix or kmix settings seem to have any effect. I
>>> choose the microphone and I max the igain - no effect.
> I assume it is not muted :-)
Nope - not muted.
> I assume you tried turning everything up.
Yep - Volume, PCM (whatever that is), Igain (huh?) and all the sliders up
up up

> By the way, one time I had problems recording and forgot ... that
my mice uses a battery and I hadn't used it for months.
I have a cable running from mike-out on my radio to mike-in on the card -
the radio plays through the PC speakers as I have said. No battery
problems here!

>>> 4. When I issue a 'record' or 'rec' command I get loud clicking
>>> noises, but it does not record anything.
> With what command line switches?
No particular switches, I used:
rec out.aiff


cat /dev/dsp > out.aiff


dd if=/dev/dsp of=out.aiff



all of them give me off sounds and clicks and pops, but no actual
recording. (I tried as root too, no difference)