Re: really old hardware - worth it?

From: Bill Hill (
Date: 06/07/04

Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2004 19:06:34 GMT

"Thomas Zajic" <> wrote in message
> * roger <>:
> > [...]
> > I have an old pentium 2 system with 128mb ram and maybe
> > 8 gb of disk. It's worthless as an NT workstation, which
> > is what I used it as for many many years, and about all
> > I can figure to do with it is maybe use it for hacking
> > around with linux, if it's worthwhile...
> > [...]
> Wow, that's actually quite shiny hardware compared to what I have
> running here at home.
> I have an old P1/133/64MB running as a firewall and gateway, and a
> P1/166/80MB running as a file (NFS), web (Apache), database (MySQL),
> news (leafnode) and proxy (Squid, privoxy) server. Both of them run
> Slackware 8.1 (too lazy to upgrade to 9.1 just yet :-), and both of
> them perform just fine.
> Until 2 years ago, these old PCs were actually my main workstations,
> and the same tasks that they are performing now were running on two
> even older PCs: a 486DX2/66/24MB, and a 486DX/80/16MB. 8->
> So yes, running Linux on (really) old hardware is definitely worth
> a try.
> HTH,
> Thomas
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Absolutesy try runnign any flavor of LINUX you want
I have recnetly set up two cimilar machines, one with only 64Meg of memory
and a 4Gig drive to run LINUX

The later slicker versions like SuSe even run on the platform you have
HAve fun and good luck

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