Re: Sound quits working 2.4 and 2.6 kernels

From: david walcroft (
Date: 06/19/04

Date: Sat, 19 Jun 2004 06:21:17 GMT

Bill Davidsen wrote:
> From time to time sound stop working on a system, as if a MUTE had been
> selected. This usually happens when an audio program fails in some way.
> I've checked with several mixers to see if MUTE is set, it seems not to
> be. I've used lsof to check for something locking a device. The failure
> is persistent, indicating that something with state has been set and
> reboot doesn't change it. I have run find as root from / looking for
> recently changed files (-cmin -5) without finding anything unexpected.
> In some cases all sounds stops working, in others mplayer works but xmms
> and mpg123 fail. Sometimes Realplayer stops working.
> Systems include RH7.3, 9.0, RHEL 3.0, Slackware 8, and FC1, so it's some
> common odd behaviour. Some systems have OSS and some ALSA. The HOWTO
> docs I used to set up system years ago seem not to have been updated
> since then, and don't seem to cover this in any case.
> Can someone give me a clue, it's beyond annoying not to be able to get
> these systems working again!

      Not being an expert I can only offer my impressions of your
problem, Is it possible 'the troubles' started about the same time or
similarities in hardware(ageing) or server connection (rogue s/ware)
Maybe you will need to doc. when a problem starts/finish on a machine/s
to find a pattern as the obvious is not always the cause.

HTH david