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Date: 06/19/04

Date: 19 Jun 2004 12:45:43 GMT

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On Sat, 19 Jun 2004 07:45:18 -0000, Michael Heiming staggered into the
Black Sun and said:
> In comp.os.linux.misc Amol Inamdar <> suggested:
>> I am desperately looking for a dvd burner software for burning dvd+R
>> disks on linux enterprise 3.0.
> You need cdrecord-DVDpro, all those GUI front-ends are just using

Mike, he's trying to burn DVD+ discs. cdrecord-ProDVD only burns DVD-

>> I also tried K3B but surprisingly it gives me a message-- dvd write
>> sucessfull in just 40 secs for 4GB of data and infact nothing is
>> written to the dvd.

You need the dvd+rw-tools package. Make sure it's installed and that
it's the latest version available. The commandline tool is called
"growisofs". There's a page about DVD+RW recording on Linux at . Th latest version of k3b
should be able to handle burning DVD+ discs without a problem, but when
I've burned DVD+ discs, I've always used growisofs from the command
line. HTH,

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