Re: Linux boot on SATA hangs/freezes

From: David Wright (
Date: 08/04/04

Date: Wed, 04 Aug 2004 09:41:19 +0200

Anonymous wrote:

> Forgot to mention that putting my brother's SATA drive with Windows on it
> boot immediately.

Hmm, Windows pre-installed? On mine, Windows couldn't even detect a hard
drive to install to ;-)

> Still baffled on why it apparently hangs before it even reaches lilo.
> Thanks again.

Haven't played with RAID's, so shot in the dark here:

Could be that the MBR hasn't been mirrored... Which distro do you use? SuSE
allows you to boot the installation CD and then boot the installed
partition, then you can just tell Lilo to re-write the MBR... Alternatively
try a Life CD (Knoppix, SuSE etc) and see if you can re-create the MBR that


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