Re: 2 drives as hda

From: Justin (
Date: 09/23/04

Date: 23 Sep 2004 06:32:33 -0700

Thanks for that. The full text of my dmesg can be found here;
I have also included an lspci at the end of that file.

It doesnt look promising. If the drive had been recognised wouldn't it appear in


Dances With Crows <> wrote in message news:<>...
> On 18 Sep 2004 06:28:11 -0700, Justin staggered into the Black Sun and
> said:
> > I have a system that has two drives that are working as raid on a PCI
> > raid card (9RTL8139).
> Are you sure about that part/chipset designation? Grepping through
> /usr/src/linux turns up a lot of references to RTL8139 in the 8139too
> and 8139cp NIC modules, but nothing for RAID cards.
> > I just added a 3rd drive to the machine and the BIOS detected it as
> > the primary on ide0, so I though all was fine. Before setting up the
> > 3rd drive I moved the server to a data center so I don't have pyhsical
> > access. Now when I go into Linux it appears that the raid drives are
> > comming up as hda and hdb and I can't see my 3rd drive.
> "We're moving this machine somewhere where it'll be very inconvenient to
> fix if something goes wrong with the physical hardware."
> "Obviously, we should test the hell out of it before moving it!"
> Lesson learned? Good. If the drives on the PCI card are showing up as
> hda and hdb, you've probably set the "Boot off-board chipsets first
> support" option to Y in the kernel configuration. It's highly probable
> that the devices connected to the motherboard's IDE connectors are still
> there, just under different names. Scan the output of dmesg to find out
> where the motherboard-connected disk is. It's probably on /dev/hdc if
> the RAID card can have 2 disks plugged into it, /dev/hde if the RAID
> card can have 4 disks plugged into it, etcetera.
> You might want to post the entire output of dmesg to your webspace and
> follow up with a URL so that people can look at it and make suggestions
> and recommendations. It might also help if you posted the output of
> "uname -a" and "lspci".
> > If I could get access to the server would putting the 3rd drive onto
> > the ide1 fis this problem making it hdc?
> Doubt it. Look through dmesg first and see if the disk is listed
> anywhere in the boot messages; if not, we'll need to see the full dmesg
> output. HTH anyway,

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