Re: Installing a new disk & moving everything to it?

From: Jason L. Woodruff (
Date: 09/28/04

Date: Tue, 28 Sep 2004 13:37:34 -0500

Andrew Backer wrote:
> I have a fairly standard setup : boot, swap, main, and a fat32 for sharing
> with windows. Boot loader is grub loading win2k from the other disk.
> I just picked up a much larger/faster/etc drive, and would like to move the
> entire linux setup to it w/o reinstalling everying
> Any good tutorials on how to do this, or a decent forum site? Can I find
> help here? I'm used to the windows world & pqmagic, though I assume that
> wouldn't work here. This is a major upgrade for my little gentoo install,
> which is sitting on a crappy little 20 gigger while I try it out.
> While I'm in the process i'd like to create a couple of other partitions,
> but thats not critical :)
> Thanks!
I've wrote a tutorial, check it out -->

good luck!

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