Re: Linux and videocards : ATI Radeon 9200SE or 9600Pro versus Geforce FX200 or FX5700

From: Mike Cox (
Date: 10/28/04

Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 12:21:09 -0700

Pugi! wrote:

> A couple of years ago it was recommended to use Geforce instead of ATI
> when working with linux, is this still the case ?
> Are these videocards supported by linux ? Which one is best ? What linux
> distro and version are u using ?

Hi Pugi.

If you want the best computing experience, you would go with ATI and
Windows. ATI has the fastest grahics card in the consumer market. The
problem is that the drivers are optimized for windows only. Windows is
generally backwards compatible so the drivers improve over time to become
rock solid and fast.

The Linux drivers are incomplete because the linux kernel changes all the
time and it is hard for a company to build on past work. Compounding the
problem is that it is hard to justify development on an OS that has >1%
desktop market share. Sure the linux server market may be 2%,but many
servers don't even have monitors, let alone video cards!

If you get the ATI cards, be warned that you will not be able to have 3d
acceleration, therefore rendering your investment moot. You could spend
more on the slower nVidia cards, which are getting clobbered in tests
against ATI. nVidia cards are now slower and more costly than ATI's
offerings. It is similar to what happened with Intel and AMD. AMD is the
best in technology and price compared to Intel today.

What I would do is get the ATI card, buy a copy of Windows XP, and dual boot
with linux. When you want to play games or do any 3d work, enjoy the power
of DirectX9, ATI grahpics cards, and the huge windows games support. Then
boot into linux and just have 2d working. Tux racer won't run, but it is
not that fun anyway.

Hope that helps,