Keyboard Double capitals.

From: knob2001 (
Date: 11/18/04

Date: 18 Nov 2004 02:24:28 -0800


I need to change the behaviour of the CApslok. Under X, the way it
works is: press/relase = active, press/relase = desactive. THat's

I need it to chage to: press/relase = active, press = desactive,
without the needed of relasing it again.

To test what i'm trying to explain (sorry, i can't find a better way
to do it) do the following under X (No matter kde, gnome...): Press
and relase CApslock, then press one letter (wich will be in capitals),
then press CApslock and don't relase the finger from it, and finally
press another key while you have capslock pressed. That letter will be
in CApitals again, although the capslock led in the keyboard is not

For people like me, who writes the capitals with capslock (it's not
very normal, but i'm too old to change), the press/relase method makes
this: HEllo FRom HEre EFect.

MAybe i could change the keyup and keydown function for this key.

Thanx in advance.