Re: USB/SCSI layer problem with CD Writer

From: Dances With Crows (
Date: 11/30/04

Date: 30 Nov 2004 17:36:54 GMT

On 30 Nov 2004 08:17:25 -0800, James staggered into the Black Sun and said:
> I have a CD-Writer connected via USB which Redhat won't even read as a
> plain old CD-Rom drive. It comes up ok in the usb and scsi
> subsystems

> Old Vaio laptop with USB support
> Redhat 7 2.2.16 kernel

? The 2.2 kernel series had abysmal USB Mass Storage support. It's
time for you to get a 2.4 kernel; 2.4.27 is available. Which Redhat 7?
Redhat 7.0 was, without question, the buggiest Redhat release I've ever
had the misfortune of working with, while Redhat 7.3 was reasonably

> sr0: CDROM (ioctl) error, command: Test Unit Ready 00 00 00 00 00
> [valid=0] Info fld=0x0, Current sr00:00: sense key None

This is probably a problem with the USB layer. I never had any luck
getting USB Mass Storage devices working properly with a 2.2 kernel back
when I was still using 2.2 several years ago.

> mount -t iso9660 /dev/scd0 /mnt/cdrw
> mount: No medium found
> Where do I go from here?

Get a 2.4 kernel and try again. That will almost certainly solve your
USB problems.

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