Re: 5-button Optical PS/2 intellimouse

From: Chris Cox (
Date: 12/02/04

Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 17:02:06 -0600

Norm Dresner wrote:
> I'm trying to get just the wheel on my 5-button Microsoft Optical PS/2
> Intellimouse to work completely.
> As currently configured, only the down-scrolling works -- that is, if I
> rotate the wheel so the top moves toward the back of the mouse, then my
> windows [nxterm & nedit are what I'm most concerned with] scroll down. But
> turning the wheel in the opposite direction does nothing.
> If I substitute a Microsoft 3-button Intellimouse with a wheel, (model 1.2A
> PS/2) both scrolling directions and the 3rd button work fine. But I hate
> having two different mouses on my desktop and I'd really like to get the
> 5-button mouse to scroll too.
> Googling for Optical Intellimouse messages only returned stuff relating to
> the 3-button variety, nothing for 5-button mice.
> All suggestions, hints, URLs and Google search terms graciously appreciated.

Do you have psmouse.proto=imps on your kernel boot line in your grub

Also (do this ONLY from Linux), unplug the mouse from the KVM and plug
it back in and see if you can scroll both directions.

Also (I'm guessing at things, I don't have this mouse), you can try doing
an lspci -v and lsusb -v and see if that helps (the latter sometimes will
lock the machine though).

Just some random ideas,