Re: Student looking for re-readers for his thesis ( it deals with embedded system, USB, Linux, microcontrolers, firmwares ... )

From: A Nengineer (
Date: 12/11/04

Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004 15:31:45 GMT

Chris Cole wrote:
> On Tue, 07 Dec 2004 21:09:35 +0000, DEMAINE Benoit-Pierre wrote:
> <snip freeloader>
> And why exactly do you feel it's reasonable to ask complete strangers to
> 'mark' your work? What recompense do we get for helping you present *your*
> thesis? You're either very arrogant or very stupid.
> Chris.
Um, did he ask you to comment on his request? Nevertheless, you did,
didn't you?

And you did it by CHOICE, didn't you?

Wow, maybe we're getting close to an answer to your question, aren't we?

That is, he's making a request, and you can IGNORE his request, or you
can CHOOSE to help him out. Either way, no one's forcing you to do
anything--hell, you didn't even HAVE to read his post!

People like you are amazing to behold, Mr. Scrooge. You won't go out of
your way to help--that's your choice--but you don't mind taking a little
time to sling shit.

Thanks for breathing.