installing linux on a brand new hard drive

From: hardsteppa (
Date: 12/22/04

Date: 22 Dec 2004 11:49:26 -0800

I'm building my own pc and want to run linux on it rather than windows.
This is going to have a brand new hard drive in it that has never had
any sort of os on it before. I was wondering how i would install linux
(and which version would be the best for this) directly onto the hdd.
All the installation guides i've looked at have talked about
partitioning from windows, but as i'm not gonna have windows on it i
wondered how to do it.

The pc will be in an asus pundit-r case, with a celeron d 2.4ghz
processor, a 120gb maxtor hard drive and 512 mb of crucial pc3200 RAM.
There is an asus optical drive included too but no floppy.
any help would be appreciated


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