Wanted: New Power Cable for a Linux Certified LC2410 notebook computer

Date: 02/16/05

Date: 15 Feb 2005 21:27:01 -0800

Hey Fellow Linux Geeks,

I'm having some major trouble with my computer recently. The computer
is a Linux Certified LC2410, which I believe may be an imported device
for some company out of Asia, either China or Japan. I've had it for
nearly a year and it has been a good experience.

Well, it was until a few weeks ago.

Since then, I've had many power failures. The computer shuts down
suddenly, switches to battery mode when the icon incates it is running
on electric power. Dimming and brightening of the screen, as if it was
transitioning between power modes. The computer sometimes won't work
unless the power cable is turned in a certain position else the battery
won't charge, or the computer will either log out and/or crash.

After a physical inspecition, I discovered that the computer is fine,
but the power cable and the AC Adapter are malfunctioning.

The AC adaptor's manufacturer is Li Shin International Enterprise
Model number 0227A20120
Input: 100-240V~,50-60Hz 2.0A
Output: 20V --- 6.0A

The AC adaptor looks similar to the adaptors on most Alienware
Notebooks, though my computer really doesn't use that kind of power.

The Adaptor could literally be used as a BOAT ANCHOR. If possible, I
would like to replace it with something much smaller. Something I can
actually put IN THE SAME BAG as my notebook.

I wish electronics manufactures designed power adaptors that can be
used on more than one electrical device and didn't block both electric
outlets. (The one I've been talking about really doesn't do this, but
if you have other electronic devices you know what I'm talking about.)
I've got like a dozen or so of these "Boat Anchors" lying about the
house but none of them can be used with this device. Why aren't there
standards for these thing?!

Anyway, If I could just find a replacement for my "boat anchor" it
would be very helpful.


Bushdio Hacks