Re: Power Supply Cause of Crashes?

From: Al Dykes (
Date: 03/19/05

Date: 18 Mar 2005 20:46:49 -0500

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W. Watson <wolf_tracks@invalid.inv> wrote:
>Al Dykes wrote:
>> In article <slrnd3mvkt.n9h.BitTwister@wb.home.invalid>,
>> Bit Twister <> wrote:
>>>On Sat, 19 Mar 2005 01:16:18 GMT, W. Watson wrote:
>>>>Does it seem reasonable that a faulty power supply might cause my RHL 9 box to
>>>>crash on occasion, once or twice a month? It crashed once again, and now crashes
>>>>every time I get to the login after a reboot. I have to completely power down
>>>>the computer to reboot. That is, I have to make sure the red LED on the
>>>>motherboard is out, before attempting a reboot. Otherwise, I can't even get it
>>>>to reboot.
>>>I would guess heat problem.
>>>When was last time you cleaned cpu heat sink/fan.
>> Swapping the PSU is the first thing I swap whenever I don't have a
>> clue why a system is crashing.
>> (After checking that all the fans in the system are running.)
>> Next I reset the memory chips.
>Interesing about the memory chips. How does one do that?

Typo. I meant re-seat.

With suitable consideration for static, and with the chassis unplugged
you eject each memory module and push it in again. You don't even have
to remove it completely, just dislodge the rust and mouse
droppings. <g>. This is a long-shot for the problem you describe.

If it's a predictable as you describe (every time you get to the
login) it's either software or a disk problem. Maybe the
repeated crashes have scrambled something on disk.

run fsck.

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