Re: Western Digital hard drives are garbage

From: Bernard Rother (
Date: 05/19/05

Date: Thu, 19 May 2005 10:12:45 +0200 wrote:
> I've had six of them go within the year, total crap. The Caviars are
> complete junk. Stick with Maxtor or Seagate.
last month I had a Seagate 120gig SATA fail and two weeks later a
Seagate 80gig IDE fail. Both were on a plastic rack with a fan blowing
over them. The other Seagate 80 & Maxtor 40 gigs are still up and
running in the same frame. Surge supressor in DB board, powerstrip is
also surge suppressed and PC power is supplied by a Landman 1250A UPS.
I've replace the 2 failed drives with 120gig SATA IBM Deskstars ( one
was under guarantee )

Was working as usual and for no reason at all I was unable to access the
drives. No bumps, jolts etc. ...... just sitting here quietly doing my
CAD drawings and saving as I go along and suddenly the drives no longer
show up. Machines also run 24/7 unless we're away for the weekend.

Strangely, the Maxtor is the smallest and oldest HDD and still going
strong. One 120 gig is my work drive and the remainder are backup units.

Any comments on the IBM Deskstars ?? So I know what to expect ;-)


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