SCSI hard drive: Input/output error

From: SQ (
Date: 08/11/05

Date: 11 Aug 2005 06:17:20 -0700

I have a SCSI hard drive, Quantum 9.1 GB.

Recently I have been unable to boot RH8 into multiuser mode, during
boot up I get an error, something similar to:

can't write to /etc/mtab : Input/output error

and then there is a bunch more Input/output errors.

Then it hangs on "starting system logger".

I've tried to go into Interactive bootup and got into single user mode
and none of the partitions could be mounted. I did a reboot -F and it
fsck-ed the partitions but got the same Input/output error. Then it
got into single-user again and only the / partition is mounted and most
commands are not found.

This sounds like the drive has gone bad. It's 6 years old, like the
rest of the machine, so it's not a surprise. I have 99% of the data
backed up but would like to recover a few things. Is there anything I
can do to boot into multiuser mode?