Re: clock running fast

From: Chris Hulbert (
Date: 11/08/05

Date: 8 Nov 2005 04:51:08 -0800

Mogens V. wrote:
> Chris Hulbert wrote:
> > Mogens V. wrote:
> >
> >>Chris Hulbert wrote:
> >>
> >>>Clock runs fast proportionally to load (it appears). I'm running Fedora
> >>>Core 4 2.6.12 kernel on ASUS A8N-E motherboard with AMD x2 3800. I've
> >>>tried noapic,noacpi,and no_timer_check. None seem to work. Running
> >>>matlab simulations I can gain ~3weeks over a weekend and that just
> >>>won't work. Any help?
> >>
> >>Do you OC? On other platforms, I've seen the clock run too fast with the
> >>system bus just slightly above or below 200Mhz (FSB on nforce2/barton).
> >>
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> >>Kind regards,
> >>Mogens Valentin
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> > The hyper transport frequency is set to auto, so the system might be
> > overclocking itself. I'll try setting it to 1x and see if that helps
> > any. I've seen many reports of the problem wth AMD64, however most
> > seemed to be resolve with noapic.

Thought I'd report it does seem to be related to the HyperTransport
setting. I set it to 1X and the clock seems fine. So, I might later
try setting it to 2x or 4x and see if the clock runs 2/4 times faster.
If not, maybe it's related to the auto setting in which it may
fluctuate up and down. Should this be an issue to report on the 2.6.12