Re: notebook cooling pad

Eggert Ehmke wrote:
Miguel De Anda wrote:

I got one these notebook cooling pads, but it seems not to be very
effective. My notebook (Toshiba A40) blows the air out on the rear side
and sucks it in from below, there where the cooling pad is placed. But
the cooling pad also sucks from there and blows out at the rear side.
Makes it any sense, or shoud I reverse the connectors of the fans to let
them rotate in the other direction?

Seems logical to reverse the fans. What pad do you have?

It'a noname product. I did reverse one of the fans for testing, to the
result that is does not run at all. No soldering fault, I reversed the
cable connector too to the result that the other fans are not running, but
the reversed one, in the old direction of course. So this type of motor
does not like to be reversed.
There is no such thing as a DC motor - they require AC. Either by using AC OR comutation OR an inverter (like your "DC" fan has, which doesn't like the DC polarity reversal). Not only that, but the fan blade is usually designed for air flow in a specific direction.

What you would need to do (to reverse air flow direction) is re-mount the fan in the opposite orientation.