Re: How much data can fit on a 4.7 Gb DVD ?

B Thomas wrote:

Thanks. Damm these marketing spin doctors :-).

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B Thomas wrote:

I was trying to buring 4.6 Gigs of data (estimated by "du -hsc")
onto a 4.7 Gb DVD-R (using growisofs). However growisofs does
not burn and complains that there is not enough space. Could you
kindly explain how can one estimate how much data can be fit onto
these discs, in view of the above.

thanking you
b thomas

to make it easy on ya - it's usually somewhere around 4.3GB using Base2
(1024 * 1024) as noted in the above example. The 4.7GB number is a
Base10 (1000 * 1000) misnomer.

No child, it is much older than that. Way back in the 70's there was a big
flap in both the computer and business communities; neither could readily
understand that the other was talking about a slightly different quantity.
The computing was using 2^10 and metapowers of 2^10 to discuss quantities
(of memory / storage) which was addressed in binary as a convenient
metaphor. The accountant / business world very used 1 penny in a million
dollars strict decimal accounting could not understand the utility of the
nearly the same but different "thousand". It was smeared all over the
computer press and was significant in the business press of the time. I
guess "never learning from history" is in again.

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