Re: Experience with Xerox Phaser 3116 Laser Printer under Linux?

General Schvantzkoph wrote:
On Sat, 20 May 2006 18:33:48 +0300, Michael Badt wrote:

I'm looking for a basic, B&W laser printer that should work on a Linux PC.
Xerox states that above model should work under Linux, yet it doesn't
appear in LinuxPrinting.
Has any experience with that printer under Linux? If yes, what driver are
you using?


There are a number of Xerox printers listed in the FC4 printer
configuration GUI but the 3116 isn't one of them. There is a good chance
that a driver for another Xerox printer will work for it but there is no

Xerox provides downloadable Linux software for the 3116 if the above fails. However, a quick glance seemed to indicate that only older distros were supported:

"Redhat 6.x, Mandrake 7.x, SuSE 6.x, Debian 2.2, Caldera OpenLinux 3.x, TurboLinux, Slackware 7.x, Linux/PPC, Yellow Dog, and newer versions. - Linux kernel 2.2 and up - GNU Libc version 2.1 and up"

Everything they specifically mention is quite old, and I'm personally a little suspicious of the "and up" part. Usually newer releases are backwards compatible, but not always.

As a general rule of thumb HP is your best choice for a Linux
compatible printer, I don't know of any HP printers that don't work.

There are a few. These are not supported by the HPLIP drivers:

The DeskJets listed may be supported by another project. The LaserJets listed in that chart aren't supported by any drivers due to their non-standard nature. See also: