Re: MSI RS482M4-ILD (Radeon Xpress 200 chipset)

Henrik Carlqvist <Henrik.Carlqvist@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm thinking about building a small computer and the MSI RS482M4-ILD seems
nice on paper as it is m-ATX and has built in graphics with DVI out.
However, all computers that I have built before has had intel motherboard
chipsets so this Radeon motherboard chipset is unfamiliar to me. A few

I ended up buing this board anyway and now I am able to answer my own
questions as I have installed Slackware 10.2 on the box.

Will IDE dma work with kernel 2.4.31?

No, DMA didn't work with the PATA HD or the PATA DVD+-RW with 2.4.31.

Does it work with a 2.6 kernel?

Yes, DMA did work both for HD and DVD with 2.6.13 which was included as
test26.s in the testing directory with Slackware.

Is DRI supported by the opensource drivers in According to it seems to work, but
I have seen other pages saying that it is untested. Will the DVI port work
with the opensource drivers? At least with earlier versions of I
have had problems to get the DVI port to work with Radeon 9250 cards.

Maybe DRI does work with a more up to date I don't know. Slackware
10.2 include 6.8.2 and that ATI driver does not work at all. Instead
I am now using the vesa driver. One day I might upgrade

Does the built in sound work fine with ALSA?

No, so far I have not been able to get any sounds from this machine. The
alsa modules are loaded, alsamixer works and all channels are unmuted
except the PCM channel which does not seem possible to mute. However I
have not yet been able to get any sounds from the built in sound card.

I suppose that the built in USB and firewire ports work?

I can confirm that the USB ports work, but I haven't tried firewire. I can
only see that firewire modules get loaded.

It was rather problematic to get the machine working. At first the network
and the DVD refused to work, probably because they couldn't agree if an
IRQ was shared and if it should be flank or level trigged. "pci=noacpi"
cured this problem. The network chipset really seems unable to share IRQ
with anything else. When the only com-port was set to COM1: (ttyS0) with
IRQ 4 the network which shared that interrupt died again. The only com
port had to be configured as COM2: (ttyS1).

At the moment, I would not recomend this card to anyone else. Maybe it
will work better in a few years when drivers have matured. But by then the
card will probably no longer be on the market.

regards Henrik
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