Re: pci bus enumeration

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Hi all,

I want to know the PCI fundas
1. How the PCI Buses are enumerated while booting linux?
2. How it detects the Vendor ID,Device ID,etc., and make the device
structure for various cards?
3. What Happens if two or more same cards which are having same DEVICE
SUB-SYSTEM ID connected to the slots.I mean to say,
Are they having same IRQs,same IRQ_FLAGS(SA_INTERRUPT/SA_SHIRQ)?
4.In the prev case, Is kernel allocate any different adderss space
for each (same kind of) cards ?
Please reply me ASAP

You can't have two devices with the same PCI ID and device ID simply
because you can't plug two cards in the same PCI slot. The numbering
isn't done by linux, it's done by the bios and the pci controller.

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