Re: cant install SUSE 9.3, 10.0, 10.1 on raid0

Rick Moen wrote:
John-Paul Stewart <jpstewart@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
nixon wrote:
another issue is when i boot up with dvd 64bit version of 10.0. my dvd
is plextor 755sa SATA.
SATA support for DVD/CD drives is fairly new (under Linux) and may still be considered experimental. I don't know off hand what kernel version Suse 10.0 may have, but it's possible (quite likely, even) that it simply doesn't support SATA DVDs.

John-Paul: FYI, in my limited experience with SATA-connected DVD/CD
drives, the various Jeff Garzik libata-type drivers have supported them
just fine.

Interesting...last time I looked at it, I found a post saying not to rely on SATA/ATAPI support as it was still experimental. The post was from Jeff Garzik, but I don't recall off hand how long ago it was made. What kernel versions have you had success with?

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