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Todd and Margo Chester wrote:
John-Paul Stewart wrote:
ToddAndMargo@xxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi All,

Supermicro has decided not to sell motherboards
based on the Intel 975 chipset. This means no
ECC memory and no PCI-X (133 MHz, 64 bit) PCI
What CPU were you planning to use?

If you want a Pentium-D solution, SuperMicro's PDSME, with the Intel 7230 chipset, offers PCI-X and supports (unbuffered) ECC RAM. For the Pentium 4, their P4SCi with the Intel 7210 chipset offers PCI-X and supports (unbuffered) ECC RAM which might also suit your needs.

There are plenty of single and dual socket Xeon motherboards from SuperMicro that use registered ECC and offer PCI-X, too.

Core 2 Duo. Supermicro only support the 965 chipset (PDSBA).

Hmm...that changes the equation then. The SuperMicro PDSME that I mentioned doesn't support that processor, but there have been some suggestions that they'll soon be offering the PDSME+ that will support the Core 2 Duo. (It's mentioned, for example, in their own "Monthly FAQ" section.)

It might be worth waiting for.

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