Re: what is the best PC for my purpose ?

On Wed, 06 Dec 2006 15:49:08 +0100, Bernard staggered into the Black Sun
and said:
I am not looking forward to [assembling an x86-64 from parts] myself,
which I consider too risky.

Not even close. Read one of the "How to build a PC" articles on or a similar site, and you'll be prepared. The only
thing that's even close to difficult is getting the heatsink properly
seated on the CPU, and that's fairly easy.


Should work OK.

Intel core 2 Duo 6300 1.86 GHz, 512M DDR2 4200 Kingston Value RAM

AMD64 generally gives you better bang for your $, but this'll work. Why
so little RAM?

Radeon X300SE 128 Mb DDR tv dvi

You'll have to use the evil binary-only fglrx modules to get 3D
acceleration working, and you may have to use those to get TV-out
working. Docs for the "radeon" module in Xorg 7.1 say this is supported
with Free stuff if all you need is 2D.

80G SATA Maxtor

Not enough space.

487 Euros

Seems fairly close to reasonable. I specced out a similar box 1 year
ago (Athlon64 3000, 512M, 2 80G SATA disks, CD-RW, cheap video card) and
it cost about that much.

I am under the impression that smaller disks are likely to offer a
better reliability.

Not necessarily.

Indeed, I intend to have TWO disks and a RAID system. This is not
being [offered] on the website, but I think they would not refuse to
install that when asked

It's weird that they're not offering that.

By the way, do you think that one or both of the proposed motherboards
will be RAID compatible?

Who cares? Run softRAID; it's more flexible, probably faster, and
probably much easier to set up.

I visited, but I saw nothing but very old

Stuff changes too fast for most websites to keep up with what's
currently supported. HTH anyway,

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