Re: IDE vs ATA vs SATA.

john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I have a homebuilt system with two Maxtor drives. Thay are ATA drives
but are driven by an IDE connection on my motherboard. Here is what
Slackware Linux says when I boot:


Periodically I buy a new drive and replace the oldest one. Tiger
direct offers both IDE drives and SATA
drives. Can I buy an SATA drive and just plug it in? If not what else
do I need to make the SATA drive play?

No. You'll need get a SATA compatible controller PCI card.

Am I better off just buying an IDE drive and going to SATA when I do a
major systems upgrade (new motherboard etc. )?

I'd say so. SATA is definitely better at the high-end, but for the rest
of us the difference in performance is negligible. IDE is still
supported in most new mobos so you won't lose out with buying IDE now.