Re: linux (debian) and RTL8201 on asrock K8NF6G

On Mon, 22 Jan 2007 01:08:37 +0100, RRB staggered into the Black Sun and
RRB wrote:
Some sources suggest [the] forcedeth driver but it doesn't work.
Some googling [told me] that the nic is divided in 2 chips: the PHY
that is [an] rtl8201, and the MAC which could be [a] sis900, but in
the case of [our] motherboard (an AsRock K8NF6G) is based upon nvidia,
so the driver seems to be forcedeth

What does lspci say about this thing? That should usually be your first
stop when you're dealing with unknown hardware. If lspci says it's a
FOO, and kernel module BLAH is supposed to work with FOO but it doesn't,
it may be time to contact the kernel guys. Or use a newer kernel.
Which kernel are you using? Debian Stable's kernel is ancient and
may not grok this particular chipset if it's newer than ~1 year old.

But manually selecting this driver in the netinstall process of debian
testing doesn't [get me] anywhere: it [starts] complaining about [not]
having [a] detected nic.

Yeah, network-install things do that when they can't find a NIC. See
first paragraph.

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